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    The Unknown Reality

    This eight-week facilitated online course examines the key concepts of Seth's books The Unknown Realty (Vol. 1 & 2), how these concepts can be used to improve your life and understanding, and how they are validated by recent scientific discoveries. The course is a combination of clearly presented concepts from Seth, consciousness techniques, dream explorations, Seth reading assignments and interactive online communication with fellow participants. It will include videotaped lectures, and a weekly live online class with the instructor. It will also include working with 17 of Seth’s ‘Practice Elements,’ which are experiential exercises in consciously creating personal reality and exploring advanced aspects of consciousness.

    Seth: “…This book is a bridge between realities. Reading it, each person sets out upon a psychic pilgrimage through the unknown realities of his or her own consciousness and experience.”

    Creating a Slimmer, Healthier You Using the Seth Material

    An estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, yet nearly two-thirds of Americans remain overweight or obese. If reaching and maintaining a healthy weight were just a matter of dieting, this would not be the case. This course offers a wider approach, one that includes understanding the psychological and spiritual issues that are involved. It will show you how to grow in these psychological and spiritual areas so that you can create lifelong change in what Seth refers to as “your most intimate production,” your physical body.

    Seth’s teachings can indeed be effectively used to reach and maintain the weight you want, and to create a lasting healthy fit body, as your formerly overweight instructor, Irene O’Garden, has proven.

    This course will include a weekly live online class with the instructor in which participants can ask questions, videotaped lectures, an immersion into relevant teachings from Seth, applicable Seth exercises, Seth reading assignments, a course forum for online communication with fellow students, and instruction on the beliefs and behaviors that facilitate lasting weight loss, fitness, and well-being.

    The Ongoing Seth Study Group (OSSG) facilitated by Rick Stack
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    The Ongoing Dream Study Group (ODSG) facilitated by Dave Cielak.
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    The Online Seth Intensive Course

    This six week facilitated online course is an intensive immersion and experiential exploration into some of the most important concepts and methodology presented in the Seth material. It will include a variety of Seth's "consciousness expansion" and "inner sense" exercises, belief work, dream work, weekly Seth reading assignments, and interacting with other participants with various learning activities, including sharing ideas in online forums. Participants will attend a weekly online webinar which provides a virtual classroom setting on a computer, smartphone or other device. All webinars are recorded, in case you can't make the scheduled time. The webinars will provide the opportunity for participants to interact with the instructor and other participants, and ask questions using a headset microphone or phone. 

    The Seth and Dreams Online Course - Instructors David Cielak and Robert Waggoner

    This six week facilitated online course is an intensive focus and immersion into working playfully with the dream state from the perspective of the Seth Material. It will include Seth’s dream exercises and techniques, belief work, dream incubation work, weekly Seth reading assignments, interactive online communication with fellow students, and a weekly live online class with the instructor. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions using a microphone and headset (or phone), and participate in a virtual classroom setting from their own computer.